Ayudwie's Blog

{December 31, 2010}   The memories of rose

I think about the end of the world..
i’m thinking about you . .
All the struggle we had, ,and the past, ,
blood and tears my love ! how could i forget. .

I sorrow now, ,since we fell a part
a million miles away . . .
Stiil i put my faith on the high sky.
Everlasting pain ! How can i escape. . .

I think about the evil ways i’ve been.
The self destruction years. . .
I disrespect my self and the world
chase by ghost of lust .
Kill the love ones down

don’t go, don’t go away . .
Stay with me here in this lullabies
darling it won’t be long, till we find our away back home again . . .

I gave up all the poison for you .
Gave up the wildest dreams. . .
And in the end i’ll grow old with you , ,only you my love burn the fire burns . . .

At night when the shadow falls .
Wish i’m there just right there close by your side . !
This lonesome dreams, . I’m haunted by
The memories of rose. . . .



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