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{May 10, 2012}   DEMO

Demo Labour, JL Sudirman Avoid

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta, International Labor Day tinged jam. Not only in the fast lane and slow road, a true Transjakarta lane freeway congestion-induced taxable.

Tempo of the observations, there is a buildup of the fleet Transjakarta Blok M-Kota direction along JL Sudirman because the path taken by another vehicle and bus workers’ party. One of the officers Trans Jakarta Blok M-Kota Department, Gusti Agung, estimating congestion will get worse as you approach the Hotel Indonesia roundabout.

“Because the demonstrators to perform an action in the middle of the road, so vehicles can not pass,” said Gusti when found in the Transjakarta, Tuesday, April 1, 2012.

Congestion caused antarhalte travel time to about 30 minutes per haltenya. Some passengers Transjakarta finally chose down at the stop closest to the destination and walk away.

Meanwhile, some workers also seemed to have started off the bus they were traveling and speeches. They sang yells of encouragement and demands removal outsourching working system.

On May 1, various labor unions plan rally to commemorate Labor Day. One issue raised was demanding that the government remove outsourching system.

“Labour easily fired, no severance pay, but working hours with other workers,” the spokesman said the Joint Secretariat of Labor, Budi Wardoyo, last weekend. According to him, there are about 14 thousand workers of the Joint Secretariat who will march in front of the palace today.


My opinion of the demo above.

The Government should also pay attention to the aspirations of the workers so that synergy exists between workers, employers and government. This demo is a way of working to convey their desire to obtain the rights and welfare increase as wages commensurate with their performance.
In my opinion, the way the workers do this demo is not good because they are too much harm society by causing traffic jams and also sometimes menadi growing unrest on the road.


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