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{June 1, 2012}   INTRODUCTION



  • Introduce my name is Ayu Hasni Aulia
  • I am 22 year old
  • I live in Cilangkap
  • I am come from Medan
  • I live in here with my uncle
  • I have been living in here, for almost 3 years. Since, I start my study at college
  • I finish my senior high school at ABDI NEGARA BINJAI senior high school in 2008 and  now a studied accounting at Gunadarma university.
  • I don’t have organization experience
  • I am working at PT Satria Tarunajaya Tours & Travel as ticketing woman since april 2008 and it’s still in progress until right now.
  • My strength, I can operate computer, I can work in team and can work in under pressure
  • For my weakness, to be honest my speaking of English is no fluent yet and my vocab is still limited

et cetera